The Last Post

Okay done bye!

….I almost feel like just not writing this but I need closure for myself too. This post is my official goodbye to Jordan, and to this blog, and to all the friends I have made abroad. After being back in America for about 2 weeks, I feel ready to evaluate how my experiences in Jordan changed my life.


Honestly, there is not too much to say. I felt like saying “يالله باي!” to Jordan so many times when I was frustrated at things like harassment or not being able to be completely independent there, but in the end I am so grateful for the experiences I have had and the beautiful friendships I have made. I sincerely believe I will be coming back here in the future, if only to say hello to my host family and gym friends and university friends! <3 And I definitely hope to see my friends in America as well! All you DC people (;

Being abroad made me especially appreciate the freedoms and extravagances that I have available in America. I am so happy to go running outside in shorts and a tank again, and eat almond butter from Trader Joe’s, and even just speak English and not being afraid that people won’t understand me. But I will miss cheap cabs, and delicious veggie food, and incredible people (Jordanian hospitality is totally a thing!)… and I will miss Arabic!


Enjoying the sunshine in Paris Circle.

I wish I could thank everyone who made my experiences so incredible in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, England, Sri Lanka, and DC…but that would be a list about a mile long! I’m sending out love to you all anyway!!!

Also if you are wondering what is happening with me next…Well, I am moving to Phoenix, AZ, and hoping to get a job out there! I am officially done with my undergraduate degree so no more university! Whoo!

Okay that’s it. Thank you everyone!! <3


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